About me

Hey everyone this is me - Kerry Leanne.  To my friends I am just Kerry but that didn't make much of a website name so I decided to use my middle name too.

My wonderful story started back in September 2015 when I hit the internet.  I had always wanted to start my own business and was determined to share the eye I had for classic style.  My first collection featured was a variety of different styles of costume jewellery and sterling silver products.  This has slowly evolved over the last few years to the collection we have now, classic and timeless pieces suitable for all life's moments as its easy to wear, stylish and affordable, an ideal choice for all women who want to enhance their felinity and add the perfect finishing touch to their daily style.

When I'm not working on my website or taking photos to showcase her products (and life), you can find her whipping up delicious meals or spending quality time with her husband, two step children, five year old son and three year old baby girl.

Thank you so much for looking at my website.  Every visit, every share, every purchase really does make my day.  Whenever someone purchases from my website, a little ding goes off on my phone and I genuinely do a little happy dance.  If you ever see anyone randomly doing this, they probably own a small business like mine, ha ha ha.

I hope you love my website, a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into into making it and I am very proud of it.

Thanks for reading.  

Much love

Kerry Leanne xxx