Featuring our newest addition - Palmaira Sandals

Featuring our newest addition - Palmaira Sandals

I can't tell you how excited I am about being selected to sell Palmaira Sandals.  These gorgeous sandals are made in Menorca in Spain and discovered by two sisters who visited frequently for holidays who thought they would make a killing in the UK.  They couldn't of been more right and let me tell you why these are these beauties are so popular.

I've been wearing this brand for two years as they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned.  As the upper is full leather they are really comfortable and they cause zero rubbing.  With the wide variety of styles to choose from there is no need to sacrifice beauty with pain.  I mean who wants a pretty pair of sandals that rub your feet to pieces when you are enjoying your summer sun?!  Not me, let me tell you.

With every pair of Palmairas sold we will give you a dust bag which is perfect for storing your sandals when they are not being used or to keep them safe when travelling.  In my case I use dust bags for the shoes I don't want my daughter to totter about in.  She loves shoes almost as much as me and she is only 3!

I don't have a summer holiday booked at the moment but I am holiday ready for when we have.  The joy of owning your own business, selling so many fabulous things.  So, whether you have a summer holiday booked or not, why not grab a little bit of sunshine by purchasing a pair of these beauties.

Happy shopping!

Much love as always

Kerry Leanne xx

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